My time at the Internet Summit in Raleigh, NC 2017

So today wraps up the 2017 Internet Summit in Raleigh, NC. To be honest, this was my first professional conference, and it was a blast. They had some amazing speakers, I got some awesome swag, and I was able to go because I work for one of the coolest places in NC, Go Fish Digital. I also met a very special friend.. Jeff.

Jeff and Me

Seth Godin, the headlining speaker, did a fantastic job. He’s well known in the industry, and had some amazing insights. He’s a bestselling author (of 18 books), and founded Yoyodyne and Squidoo.

Seth Godin, Best selling Author and Entrepreneur.
Seth Godin, Best selling Author and Entrepreneur.

The main focus of the conference, SEO/Internet Marketing, isn’t exactly my wheel house (I’m a web developer/design kind of person), but I learned a lot of great ideas that I can incorporate into my development knowledge (and you should to). In the opening speech that Seth gave, I picked up several key points (some are direct quotes and others are thoughts that I had during the keynote):

  • We’ve moved from an industrial economy to a connection based economy
  • People buy for emotive reasons
  • The opposite of mass marketing is marketing to the smallest market. When you connect with that a group/tribe, they share it with the rest of their group/tribe.
  • “People like us, do things like this.” Again, that group/tribe mentality is an important point to remember.
  • Build something worth talking about. Make whatever the idea is, sticky.
  • A brand is not a logo, or company, but a promise and expectation.
  • We often use a piece of software because we have to, not because we want to.
  • You have to earn trust instinctively.

There are many take aways from that for me, as a web developer. If I were to apply that to what I do from a day to day standpoint, I think this is what I would say:

  • If you build web code, a framework, or system, make something that someone else will go, “Wow, that really solved a big problem for me!” Or, something that other web developers will want to tell their friends about.
  • You are a brand, and with that, you bring your own set of promises and expectations. Don’t let your consumers down.
  • Be empathetic to others, and design with an emotion in mind. You don’t have to look at code as a machine language (although it’s quite technical and uses the left side of your brain a lot more than the right), but you should look at it as art. With that perspective you can begin to enjoy it as such and learn to create with emotion in mind.