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Using Mailhog on a local Mac development environment with Laravel Valet

Creating an efficient local development environment is a must for any developer. One essential tool for testing email functionalities without spamming real mailboxes is Mailhog. Today, we’ll explore how to integrate Mailhog into a Laravel Valet setup on a Mac, ensuring that you can catch, view, and debug email messages generated by your applications locally. What is Mailhog? Mailhog is … Read More

Why I use Laravel Jigsaw for flat file work

In the past I’ve used the static site generator system known as Laravel Jigsaw. I typically deployed my site to Github and use Github Pages as the hosting provider. There’s a lot of reasons that I find Laravel Jigsaw useful (besides the fact that I’ve used it at work for years). Markdown Support It allows content creators to write in Markdown, a widely used lightweight … Read More