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Scripture Parsing – A unique coding problem, pt. 1

Apparently, about 85% of the world is religious, so this may not be such a unique problem after all, but for a lot of folks this may appear to be a bit of a unique problem for PHP development, or coding in general. That problem is parsing a Scripture reference. Now, there’s other uses for it as well, not just … Read More

Using Mailhog on a local Mac development environment with Laravel Valet

Creating an efficient local development environment is a must for any developer. One essential tool for testing email functionalities without spamming real mailboxes is Mailhog. Today, we’ll explore how to integrate Mailhog into a Laravel Valet setup on a Mac, ensuring that you can catch, view, and debug email messages generated by your applications locally. What is Mailhog? Mailhog is … Read More

My Kendo Journey

Earlier this year I started working out and doing Kendo (a martial art meaning “Way of the Sword”) at a local dojo in Oklahoma City. I’ve been intrigued by this sport, if you can call it that, for awhile now. So, my brother bought me a pair of shinais awhile back, and I ended up using them finally. A shinai is a … Read More

Why I use Laravel Jigsaw for flat file work

In the past I’ve used the static site generator system known as Laravel Jigsaw. I typically deployed my site to Github and use Github Pages as the hosting provider. There’s a lot of reasons that I find Laravel Jigsaw useful (besides the fact that I’ve used it at work for years). Markdown Support It allows content creators to write in Markdown, a widely used lightweight … Read More

Christmas Traditions around the World – Three.js Project

Several years back I was working for a company in North Carolina, and one of our clients (a Christmas Tree company) needed an interactive project for attracting visitors to their website. So they contracted with us to make a fun interactive Christmas world map. I was given a PSD file and left to my own devices. This is what we … Read More